Creative Writing II - Robinson

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The purpose of this course is to develop your writing and language skills needed for individual literary forms. The content will include writing a variety of literary works such as poetry, fiction, playwriting and creative non-fiction. The course should help you become conscious of your own writing behaviors, understand the composing process better, and thus, control and improve your own writing process. The course requires you to be interested in the technical aspects of publishing (desktop and web-based publishing and live performances) of students' works.

Through Lines:

TL #1: How do we communicate ideas effectively in written and spoken form?

TL #2: How can we build a supportive classroom for writing?

TL #3: Why does it matter that we put careful thought into drafting, revising and editing our work?

TL #4: How do I become an independent learner?

TL #5:What do I have to say?

This course requires an enrolment key